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Our Values

Integrity, respect, trust, and honesty
These are core values for all our interactions with each other, our members, volunteers, and the community.

We are committed to creating a stable and sustainable nonprofit organization, in a way that also supports our energy, interest, and ability to contribute.

Caring, giving to the community
It is our intention to promote caring relationships and to form a Village Network that contributes to our community and benefits others as well as ourselves in a meaningful way.

We give what we can, avoiding over-commitment. We also encourage a balance between giving and receiving, contributing our talents and energy while nurturing our own well-being.

Competence and excellence
We value competence in our work, committing ourselves to a high level of service.

Collaboration, cooperation, teamwork
We are committed to working harmoniously and cooperatively with each other, willing to compromise and seek win-win approaches to problems. We place a high value on collaboration with other community organizations.

We are committed to creating a village which reflects the diversity of our community.

We are creating a nonprofit membership organization which will be here for all of us as we age.

Creativity, new ideas, innovation
All are important as we build our community.

We remember to appreciate each other, our volunteers, and members often.